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October Fixtures & Results (2)

2nd April 2016
Marsworth Reserve CupS/Final
Bucks Cc Reserves3vs1Aylesbury Dynamos Reserves
(Ben Floyd, Jay Hollihead, Sam Elliott)
Long Marston Reserves1vs3Rivets Sports Reserves
(Nico Aquino, Dan Fox, Craig Topping)
Premier Division
Aylesbury Dynamos6vs2Bucks CC
(Chris Shennan 3, Matt Logan, Taran Ashall, Toby Cresswell)
Haddenham Utd4vs2Walton Court Wanderers
(Jordan Rogers 2, Mitch Meredith, Alex Jewell)
FC Mandeville1vs4APBS
(Chris Hughes)(Daniel Jones, Liam McElhinney, Lewis Creser, Charlie Creser)
Wendover 2vs1Long Marston
(Darren Woolard, Jamie Spurden)
First Division
Bedgrove Dynamos1vs4Wingrave
(Brad Bennett)(Harry Pickering 2, Paul Brown, Louis Birdsey)
Oving2vs2FC Spandits
(Josh Dance, Andy Broadbent)(Liam Addlesee 2)
St Johns4vs2Long Crendon
(Ian Pearce 3, Adam Richmond)(Elliot Farley, James Wassel)
Second Division
Rivets Sports1vs2Haddenham Utd Reserves
(Steve Moore)(Sam Hodges 2)
FC Spandits Reserves4vs0Waddesdon
(Scott Mills 2, Jason Logan, Michael Wilkinson)
Quainton12vs0Wingrave Reserves
(Carl Gunning 3, Chris Hance 3, Rob Springer 2, Luke Powell 2, Rob Elsey, Damian Eatwell)
FC Mandeville Reserves1vs2Long Crendon Reserves
(Jay Court)(Luca Forcione 2)
Third Division
Waddesdon Reserves2vs2Quainton Reserves
(Richard Chaudry, Tom Dell)(Jodean Horwood, Joe Gregory)
4th April 2016
ADL Reserrve Cup Final1930KO
Rivets Sports Reserves4vs0Haddenham Utd Reserves
(OG, Dan Fox, Mike Schofield, James Tomlinson)
9th April 2016
Marsworth Senior CupS/Final
(Luis Silva)(Aaron Huddlestone, Jamie Spurden, Tristan Nicholls)
Downley Albion1vs4APBS
(Pat Callaghan, Mike Ainger, Daniel Jones, Liam McElhinney)
Premier Division
Haddenham Utd5vs1FC Mandeville
(John Curtis 3, Jordan Rogers, Richard Jewell)
Long Marston1vs2Aylesbury Dynamos
(Darren Caseman)(Leon Salter 2)
First Division
New Zealand3vs1Wingrave
(Kedge Jeffrey 2, Musa Schmidt)(Leigh Temple)
Tring Town AFC1vs2Bucks CC Reserves
(Ben Floyd,Jay Hollihead)
Oving0vs5St Johns Sports
(Paul Strong 2, Adam Richmond,Kirsten Edworthy, Ray Atiba-Davies)
Second Division
Haddenham Utd Reserves1vs3FC Mandeville Reserves
(Jonny Fleet 2, Luke Trewavas)
Bedgrove Utd2vs0Waddesdon
(Jon Hyland, Jack Smith)
Long Marston Reserves3vs2Wingrave Reserves
(Oli Ganham 2,Famik Gabriel)
Wendover Reserves0vs8Quainton
(Carl Gunning 3, Luke Powell 3, Chris Hance, Rob Floutier)
Third Division
Rivets Sports Reserves8vs1Quainton Reserves
(James Tomlinson 3, Craig Topping 2,Mike Schofield 2, Aaron Pronger)(Sam Beckett)
12th April 2016
Division Two
Long Marston Reserves2vs2Haddenham Utd Reserves
(Oli Ganham, Matt O'Donovan)(Craig Bryson, OG)
13th April 2016
Division Two
Bucks CC1vs3APBS
(Mark Swierzynski)(Daniel Jones, Mike Ainger, Pat Callaghan)
Division One
Wingrave 2vs 2St Johns Sports
(Chris Djuric, Dan Mott)(Ian Pearce, Adam Richmond)
New Zealand 9vs2Oving
(Kedge Jeffrey 4, Jake Welsh 2, Jamie O'Connor, Stevan Wilson, Musa Schmidt)
16th April 2016
Tom Sparkes League CupS/Final
Haddenham 5vs0St Johns Sports
(Sam Cowan, John Curtis, Richard Jewell, Jordan Rogers 2)
Bucks CC0vs3APBS
(Pat Callaghan, Sam Robertson, Luke Norris)
Premier Division
FC Mandeville 3vs2Long Marston
(Ryan Macintosh, Rob Jolly 2)
First Division
Bucks CC Reserves1vs1Oving
FC Spandits1vs2New Zealand
(Paul Douglas)(Sontino Dagastino, Musa Schmidt)
Second Division
Long Marston Reserves6vs1FC Spandits Reserves
(Matt Honeyball, Kenny McLaughlin, Jason Wilson,Andry Ryan, AJ Adzanhoe, Craig Pepperd)(Alex Burton)
(Jon Patel)(Luis Silva)
Wingrave Reserves0vs3Quainton
(Carl Gunning 2,Chris Hance)
Third Division
Rivets Sports Reserves13vs0Ludgershall Reserves
(Ben Hutson 2, Dave Young 3, Aaron Pronger, Ben Ithier, Craig Topping, Jonny Bourne, James Tomlinson, Dan Fox,CraigYoung, Matt Traynor)
18th April 2016
Marsworth Reserve CupFinal
Rivets Sports Reserves3vs4Bucks CC Reserves
(Dan Fox, James Tomlinson, Craig Topping)(Dave Hackett 3, Jay Hollihead)
19th April 2016
Division Two
Bedgrove Utd3vs3Haddenham Utd Reserves
(Andrew Lambie 2, OG)
21st April 2016
Division Two
Haddenham Utd2vs3Quainton
(Jamie Maloney, Luke Sallis)(Carl Gunning 3)
23rd April 2016
Premier Division
APBS6vs0Pond Park Rangers
(Pat Callaghan 3, Liam McElhinney 3)
First Division
FC Spandits5vs2Bucks CC Reserves
(Liam Addlesee 3,Craig Denning, Ross Bunker)
(Leigh Temple 2, Cam Bridger, Alex Watkins, Glenn Bunce)
New Zealand3vs2St Johns Sports
(Kedge Jeffrey 3, Sonny Dagastino)(Ian Pearce, Flavio Darmiso)
Second Division
FC Spandits Reserves2vs4Haddenham Utd Reserves
(Scott Mills 2)
Waddesdon1vs0FC Mandeville Reserves
(Lee Petit)
Quainton2vs1Rivets Sports
(Luke Powell, Chris Hance)(Tom Staszewski)
Ludgershall3vs0Wingrave Reserves
(Luis Silva, Danny Salim, Mike Dimarcello)
Third Division
Waddesdon Reserves3vs4Aylesbury Dynamos Reserves
(Jordan Garrad, Matt Ginger, Kyle Daley)(Eddie Arthur 3, Chris Cackett)
25th April 2016
Marsworth Senior CupFinal
(Mike Ainger 2, Lewis Creser, Charlie Creser, Sam Robertson, Liam McElhinney)
27th April 2016
Division Two
Haddenham Utd Reserves2vs2Wingrave Reserves
(Sam Hodges, Craig Bryson)(Chris Djuric, Declan Carroll)
28th April 2016
Tom Sparkes League Cup
Haddenham Utd 2vs1APBS
(Pat Callaghan)
30th April 2016
Premier Division
Long Marston0vs4APBS
(Charlie Creser, Lewis Creser, Daniel Jones, Liam McElhinney)
First Division
FC Spandits4vs1Wingrave
(Louis Moore 2, Ross Bunker, Karl Fisher)
New Zealand2vs2Long Crendon
(Elliott Farley, Archie Pettingell)
3rd May 2016
Sheffield Jackman Cup (Final)
Long Crendon4vs1New Zealand
(Alex Farley, Tom Sykes, Liam Gabard, Elliot Farley)
Second Division
Wendover Reserves2vs3Haddenham Utd Reserves
7th May 2016
Oving Village Cup Final
Long Marston5vs0Oving
First Division
New Zealand2vs3Tring Town AFC
(Kedge Jeffrey (2)(Connor Maloney, Ryan Shefras, Reece Steers)
Wingrave5vs1Bucks CC Reserves
(Chris Djuric 4, Luke Hall)
Second Division
Ludgershall2vs2Haddenham Utd Reserves
(Jamie Bayliss, Rob Evans)
Mandeville Reserves 0vs4Rivets Sports
(Lee Davis 2, Jack Stevens, Phil Bartlett)
Third Division
Waddesdon Reserves3vs1Bedgrove Dynamos Reserves
(Kyle Wilks, Dean Garrad, Matt Featherstone)
11th May 2016
Division One
Wingrave3vs0Tring Town AFC
(Lee Temple 2, George Morris)
Division Two
Haddenham Utd Reserves3vs2Wendover Reserves
14th May 2016
Division One330KO
St Johns Sports10vs4New Zealand
(Ian Pearce 3, Paul Strong 3, Tom Burton, Adam Richmond, Flavio Darmiso, OG)

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